How do our material work spaces embody or inspire our mental space? How are these spaces entangled with the emotional labour of writing? While writing my thesis project, 10PCS NEW Tungaloy WNMG080408-TM T9025 Carbide Insertswhich focuses on rethinking affective engagements with anxiety, I have been inspired by feminist accounts of emotion. Theorists such as Kathleen Woodward and Ann Cvetkovich write against…


In this addition to the “Practices of Musicking” series, author Edda Starck explores the creation and acquisition of aural knowledge through listening-oriented practices. How do we come to both hear and think of the passing of time,Bach Tromba in Sib TR-650 and how can listening situate us to the rhythms that punctuate and proliferate our daily lives in a way in which we can hear how we and the objects that comprise our aural soundscapes passBixolon SRP-330II Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Desktop - Receipt Print through time?

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Interested in joining or contributing to Soapbox? We invite you to an informal get together at Vox-Pop from 4.30pm on Tuesday 7th May,Pepperl Fuchs K-System KFD2-CR-EX1.30-300 71842 where you can get to know more about us and learn how to get involved! Soapbox is a journal for cultural analysis run by and providing a platform for students, PhDs and10PCS Box Kyocera CNC Blade VNMG160408HQ PV90

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As part of our series ‘Practices of Musicking’, Zeno Siemens attunes to the non-sonic forms of ‘singing’ exhibited by deaf performers in Christine Sun Kim’s ‘Face Opera II’. These embodied, visual and spatial acts of signing and facial expressions offerSeed eraser colorful radar light 60 EP-KL60-40PJapan import a musical experience accessible only through a non-aural, embodied practice of listening.

For the first piece in series ‘Practices of Musicking’, Suzi Asa attempts to understand her musical experience in Turkish taverns (‘meyhanes’)GENERAL ELECTRIC 12IAV51A2A 12IAV51A2A (USED TESTED CLEANED) through illustrations that she terms ‘meyhanescapes’. Exploring the extra-sonic, embodied aspects of this ‘musicking’ experience, her visualisations allow us to rethink the nature of music and musical perception as based in practice – and not merely as aural ‘practices of listening’.


To welcome in the new year, Justine Gensse and Anouk Hoogendoorn offer an alternative to the self-improvement narratives of New Year’s resolutions. Peavey XM 4 Mixer Amp with Two SpeakersCollected from students of ‘Gender, Bodies and the Posthuman’ at the University of Amsterdam, these ‘Low-resolutions’ form part of the exhibition W_show, CTI 2591-A output card Usedwhich features work in progress from the University’s Master of Artistic Research.

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Kelly Klaver reports from Jack Halberstam’s keynote speech to the Global Critical Pedagogies Conference. Rejecting the “master’s tools”, Halberstam applied queer strategies of resistance to contemporary concerns, from Kavanaugh to gay marriage.

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NOTE – the deadline for ‘Off the Grid’-themed abstracts has now passed, but we are still accepting submissions of full papers (4,000-6,000 words) on any other topic. Please email Toyoda Handy Pulser Hand Held Unit Type HP-102A-500A_HP102A500A USED Grids govern our landscapes and cityscapes,UHF Lavalier Microphone Wireless for Sennheise Microphone Wireless Performance our paintings and grocery lists, our maps and our borders, both walled and imaginary. They get us our energy…

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‘Intradisciplinary’ research group Forensic Architecture blur the boundaries between art, architecture, research and human rights in this exhibition, Original OMRON Proximity switch prl12-2dp 6 months warrantyForensic Justice. Laura van den Bergh reports from its opening at BAK in Utrecht, Jiffy Padded Peel & Seal Mailer, 2 X 16, Natural Kraft, 25 cartonfinding hope in its interventions in ecocide and genocide.

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